Four countries sailing trip

We spent four weeks on our „Four countries sailing trip“:ändertörn 

We started in Hooksiel near Wilhelmshaven and, thanks to wind and waves, we reached river Elbe and – after passing the lock Brunsbüttel – the KIEL-CANAL in one day.

According to circumstances (wind and waves) it is necessary to  stop in Cuxhaven or it could be reasonable to make the detour round Helgoland to have good conditions to sail into the river Elbe.

Passing the KIEL-CANAL takes a day, because sportboats may only drive in daylight.  KIEL-CANAL is 98,637 km long.

You’ll find interesting information:

First destination after KIEL-CANAL was Kiel-Schilksee, known from the Olympic Games in 1972.  Without difficulty you can plan Kiel sightseeing. A bus starts near the harbour.

Next destination after Kiel-Schilksee was Orth on the island of Fehmarn. The little harbour is in the middle of the village and you can reach everything by foot. Alternative to Orth you can touch at Lemkenhafen. There you will also reach the important attractions by foot.


Leaving Fehmarn was sailing to Denmark: Klintholm. A nice marina and beside a romantically coasting fishing port.

On the way Klintholm to Ystad you can admire the white chalk cliffs.

Ystad is a fantastic old Free Hanseatic city. The marina is comfortable and in the ferry harbour and the commercial harbour is a lot of traffic. That vitalizes this region and a shopping tour in the city is a great experience. If you want to, you can walk on Wallanders marks:

90 miles from Ystad to Swinemünde. In a branch of river Swine there are two marinas: One for boats with low draught and at the end of the branch a bigger one for the others, modern and comfortable. Swinemünde city is not far away. You can walk and enjoy the very vital promenade.

Next destination was Stralsund. This is a very nice trip because you’ll see parts of the Boddengewässer. Stralsund also is a fantastic old Free Hanseatic city.


After Stralsund we reached Warnemünde. Although there’s a big modern marina, it’s romatically to find a place in the branch of the river Warne, called “Der alte Strom”.

Following the old fantastic free Hanseatic cities means now to visit also Wismar.  The architecture reminds to Stralsund:

From Wismar we started to visit Fehmarn again to be in a good position to sail to Kiel-Holtenau. Back in the KIEL-Canal we had our break in Brunsbüttel and started the last stage back in the North Sea.

Four weeks: The  sands are running out with a lot of unforgettable impressions.


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4 Antworten zu “Four countries sailing trip

  1. Very interesting post. There were two places where we have spent our vacations:

    The island of Fehmarn and the town of Kiel!

    Gruß! Matti.

    • Hello Matti,
      you found two nice places 🙂

      • Yes indeed. In Fehmarn we visited in 2003. It was our first road trip to Germany. I have still a very beautiful mug from Hailigenhafen. I guess that You know this. At those days my wife’s car was brand new and it is still in use as our second car.

        In 2010 we made road trip visiting many places, but our last stop was Kiel where we spent four days before our sea trip back to Finland. There are excellent boat connections between Germany and Finland! We love these ships, because they transport cars also.


      • Yes, I know Fehmarn. It’s really a nice island.
        You’re right, the boat connections between Finland/Scandinavia and Germany are very good.
        There are lot’s of hanseatic cities at the Baltic Sea with a great common past 🙂

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