Verkehrte Welt ♥♥♥ Backward World

Seit einiger Zeit habe ich das Gefühl, dass WordPress ein Eigenleben führt.

So stelle ich fest, dass WordPress entschieden hat, dass ich einigen Blogs gar nicht mehr folgen möchte und manche „likes“ , die ich gesetzt habe, sehe ich auch nicht wieder.
In den letzten Tagen habe ich mühsam nachgearbeitet.
Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich WordPress von verschiedenen Geräten – stationären wie auch mobilen – bediene. Ob das des Rätsels Lösung ist? Macht ihr ähnliche Erfahrungen?

For some time it seems as if my WordPress manages my blog.

That means, WordPress decided, not to follow some blogs I wanted to. And some actions I did disappeared, for example „likes“ I placed.
I did hard work, when I tried to reconstruct.

I work on stationary and mobile equipment – maybe, is that the problem? Do you have any experiences like me?

Aber: lieber eine verkehrte als eine verlorene Welt 😉
But: rather a backward than a lost World 😉



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20 Antworten zu “Verkehrte Welt ♥♥♥ Backward World

  1. I did, oftenly. Usually when wordpress (maybe) did some maintenance or making improvement on their system it happend. But everything back to normal again after an hour.

  2. vever02

    Bei meinem WordPress auch eine seltsame Betrieb manchmal
    gibt es immer wieder neue Produkte, die auf den Blog hinzufügen, ohne wir sind uns bewusst, und es ist sehr ärgerlich !!! Viel Glück.
    Schönen Abend Ulli.

  3. Yes, I also found I was no longer following some people, through no fault of my own! – Round about the time the notifications all changed. I just thought they were taking a break, when I didn’t see their post in my WP reader! Ditto with likes sometimes!
    I work from a laptop. But I can’t really complain – it is all free!
    Cool photo 🙂

    • Thanks for your answer and compliment 🙂
      It’s comforting to see, I’m not alone with WordPress-problems 😉
      So, I’m going on.

  4. Hallo Ulli. Actually I’m having the same problems even connected from my laptop. I’ve to see every person that thanks me manually to see their updates because sometimes they don’t appear in my reader.
    Great photograph, blue creativity 🙂

    • Hello Francis,
      welcome 🙂 – good to know, so it’s not a problem of my phone or tablet ….
      Thanks for the compliment. You can make photos like this with a pump and an aquarium.

  5. Dina

    No, not me – not that I know of anyway… how would you know??

    • Hello Dina,
      I missed some blogger. They didn’t appear in my reader.
      The same phanomena as Francis told.
      So be happy if you don’t have any problems and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Hallo, Ulli ! I had the same problems, afterward disappeared…
    Alles gute !

  7. I haven’t have such malfunctions with my blog, or at least I have not noticed them. But I always use my PC to post at WP, and I have not tried with a laptop, tablet or mobile.

    • Hello Fran,
      thank you. I really don’t know, what’s the problem. Maybe it’s the permanent change between the different equipment. But I hope I’ll manage it 🙂

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