Zeit, sich zu bewegen ♥♥♥ Move on up



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8. Oktober 2015 · 20:14

21 Antworten zu “Zeit, sich zu bewegen ♥♥♥ Move on up

  1. I like this – really captures the movement 🙂

  2. Thank you, Ulli, More than a photography it looks like a memory, wonderful rendering.
    Kind regards,

    • Oh thank you, Francis. Yes, I love my „filter-galerie“ and I love „old photos“ 🙂
      Have a nice weekend,

      • Thanks, Ulli. Although more than an old photo (I didn’t think in a filter) I was thinking in the way we have a memento in our minds. I remembered when I saw I plane on TV, I was four or five years old.
        Nice weekend too ☺,

      • Touché, Francis!
        I grew up near by an airport. And this photo was taken there just several days ago.
        That’s why I love my „filter-galery“ – but you read my face.
        Well I know: „I have this fascination with faces :-)“ 🙂
        Heartly greetings,

  3. Een bijzondere foto Ulli, knap gedaan. Ik wens je een fijn weekend.

  4. Love the rendition…almost magical Ulli 🙂 Great job. Happy weekend ahead!

  5. Ich mag die Bewegungsunschärfe auf Ihrem Bild.
    Gutes Wochenende Ulli.

  6. Interesting shot, Ulli. I really like the colors.

  7. Amy

    Very cool photo! 🙂

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