Pariser Herbst ♥♥♥ Autumnal Paris


Pont Alexandre-III


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19 Antworten zu “Pariser Herbst ♥♥♥ Autumnal Paris

  1. Ein sehr schönes Bild Ulli, mein Kompliment! Grüße von Edward.

  2. Beautiful night, Ulli. It has a XIX century feeling, like that bridge would be not just from 1900 but it still would be in that year. I searched the bridge in wikipedia and it has an interesting history. Thanks so much.
    Said that I wonder how old is the illumination design. Certainly it’s a beautiful work of art that harmonize with the bridgee perfectly so it could be the original illumination updated with electric components or a modern interpretation designed to give a special rendering to the bridge.
    I ask it because I want to filter my own photographs to respect the laws in the countries of my visitors so I’d appreciate your experience 🙂
    Warm regards,

    • Thank you for your kind and detailed comment, Francis.
      I like that bridge very much. They say, it’s the most beautiful bridge of Paris and I believe it 🙂

      But I see, I created confusion with my post to the illumination of the “Tour Eiffel”.
      Not every illumination is art in Europe. Although the illumination of that bridge looks like great art, it’s not a protected artwork. General illumination of objects is ordered for safety. When the “Eiffeltower” was build, it was illuminated with gas-lanterns. But since 1937 several architects and light-engineers worked on that light-artwork as it now exists. It’s not only an illumination for safety, it’s a lightshow with lots of effects. Have a look at the internet, you’ll find lots of films of that Tower to see what I mean.

      “I ask it because I want to filter my own photographs to respect the laws in the countries of my visitors so I’d appreciate your experience” – please don’t filter your photographs, Francis. I’ve never seen a displeasing photograph on your blog.

      Please don’t get me wrong when I ask something – I just want to know. We should learn from each other 😉

      Have a great start in the new week 🙂
      Warm regards,

      • Thanks for your time, Ulli. I certainly think the illumination, although not art, is quite beautiful, so kudos to the enginners.
        You aren’t the only person that notice me that in their country my photographs could have a component not totally akin with their laws so it’s something I decided time ago as a way to be responsible towards my visitors.
        Hoping you are having a great week 🙂

      • I agree, Francis. This light of the Alexandre bridge is so wonderful. I like it more than the glimmer of other buildings 😉
        I appreciate your decision respective to your photography, but I can only assure again, that your photos are beautiful and with high sensitivity.
        Hope you’ll have a great week too 🙂
        Best wishes from far away,

  3. vever02

    Magnifique photo de Paris by light.
    Félicitations Ulli.
    belle soirée.

  4. vever02

    night… 🙂

  5. Amy

    Such a beautiful photo of autumnal Paris. Love these lighting and reflections. Thank you, Ullis! 🙂

  6. Oooh Ulli, this is so pretty!! You captured this night scene so well. Loved it 🙂 and thank you for sharing.

  7. Beautiful photo of Autumnal Paris in the night.
    Have a pleasant weekend, Ulli !

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