Pariser Herbst III ♥♥♥ Autumnal Paris III


Louvre, Paris – Pas de Deux


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22 Antworten zu “Pariser Herbst III ♥♥♥ Autumnal Paris III

  1. Amy

    Beautiful! Love the composition. 🙂

  2. Een knappe en mooi belichte foto Ulli. Ik wens je alvast een fijn weekend, hartelijk groeten van Edward.

  3. A very different angle of the place! Gorgeous! Thanks so much! 🙂

  4. vever02

    Cette photo est magnifique Ulli.
    Je te souhaite un bon weekend.

  5. Hi Ulli. This is one side of the Louvre, I have never seen. I believe I M Pei built the additional annex, keeping the old surroundings and to have 2 people looking at it as if like the keepers. Are they saints by chance?

    • Hi GH, so glad to see you here 🙂
      You’re right: Ieoh Ming Pei build the new entrance of the Louvre, the pyramid. I don’t know any saints by chance at louvre.
      If they are talking about keepers, it’s mysticism or horror 🙂
      Have a good start in the new week, GH,

  6. Hi Ulli, if you are in Paris please stay safe!! 💕

  7. Also my earlier comment was not registered. This is a different view of I M Pei’s work synergising with the original. This is a view not often seen and I never knew of 2 statues there. Are these 2 saints of sorts? Take care Ulli and stay safe 💕

    • Hi GH, as we say in Germany: weed does not pass! I’m well.
      Thank you for being worried about me, my friend 🙂
      Hope you’ll have a stressless week,best wishes,

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