Kulturhauptstadt 2016 ♥ ♥ ♥ European Capital of Culture 2016

Breslau – Wroclaw

Über den DächernÜber den Dächern

ShoppenShoppen in moderner Architektur

More Info: Wikipedia and Wikipedia english


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31 Antworten zu “Kulturhauptstadt 2016 ♥ ♥ ♥ European Capital of Culture 2016

  1. Excellent – fascinating captured… 🙂

  2. Such clear photos 🙂 It does look an interesting place 🙂

    • Yes, Scifi. Breslau is really a very nice town. It’s very alive and because of the university there are many young people. They are very polite and open-minded and I appreciate the talks.
      The town is rebuilded as it was before WWII and has the charme of an old famous town. It’s worth to be visited 🙂
      Have a nice evening, Scifi,

  3. Thank you, Ulli. I like specially the black towers for some reason….
    Kind regards,

  4. Hele fraaie foto’s Ulli, vooral de tweede met dat mooie lijnenspel. Groetjes van Edward.

  5. that is something i always find so fascinating when i travel outside of North America – how the old and the modern can often be so close together so often.

    • Yes, from the point of architecture it’s really fascinating, Kris. But sadly it’s the result of WWII. The towns where destroyed and they couldn’t reconstruct the buildings in that old style. In Breslau they rebuilded the heart of Breslau in that old style- and they did it very good. I’m always fascinated by towns like Venice: a total worthful old town.

  6. impressed with the shots
    & how high you must have
    climbed to get them 🙂

  7. tolles architektur bild, ulli. gefällt mir sehr. liebe grüsse. reinhold

  8. Wow!! This is one view of escalators never seen before *I hope I am right!! Lovely old and new contrast 😊

  9. vever02

    Magnifiques photos Ulli
    J’aime la première
    Belle soirée à toi

  10. magnificent vista and then lovely lines, ulli! 😀

  11. Amy

    Fantastic shots! Enjoying the European capital of culture series. Thank you, Ulli! 🙂

  12. Great photos of Wroclaw, Ulli. It is such a beautiful city. I didn’t know it was Euro Culture Capital this year…

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