Kätzchen ♥ ♥ ♥ Pussies

Diese Kätzchen kratzen nicht: Weidenkätzchen – These kittens will not scratch: Pussy Willow

7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 2

Andrikken, thank you for nominate me to that 7-Day-Photo Challenge.
This is my input for day 2.
Andrikkens blog has really good photographs, but not only. He has humor and always a twinkle in his eye 😉

 Le Drake Noir

By asking Amy if she would like to accept the challenge, I hope she will present us some of her wonderful photos from her very special book.

The World is a Book


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28 Antworten zu “Kätzchen ♥ ♥ ♥ Pussies

  1. Excellent captured – so fascinating… 🙂

  2. Lovely photo of the pussy willow. Yet I learn Ulli…I never knew that Germany has pussy willow. In my lil red dot, the pussy willow is important to have at home for Chinese New Year. The same for China and HK. Red ribbons will be tied on each branch. Decorative, yet symbolic of good wealth to be bestowed to the household. ☺

    • Hey, hey, you early bird 😉
      I never knew that LRD has pussy willow – and, what a nice tradition. In Germany they hang Easter eggs in the branches 🙂
      Have a good Thursday, GH.
      Best wishes,

      • Good evening and you are up late. Interesting fact again…hanging Easter eggs on branches!! Rest well Ulli. 7.25am here. Time at work 😀

      • Hi GH. Oh, TGIF in Singapur – good morning 🙂
        Have a stressless day and a wonderful weekend ahead, GH.
        Ulli (22:50 h) 😉

  3. Amy

    I’m honored by your nomination. Love this theme. Happy to participate. 🙂 ❤

  4. wonderful close up, ullie and a beautiful background! 😉

  5. beautiful pussy willows! thanks for sharing.
    they must be very early. i will have to watch to see if ours are out yet here in my corner of the planet.

  6. Amy

    I really like this photos, Ulli. Beautiful details, nature colors, and lighting! Well done. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amy. It’s just a little branch. But in the back there is a little creek and the shafts of sunlight played with the little waves of the water 🙂
      have a nice day,

  7. It remainds me a fruit we have and we call pacay (Inga feuillei) it has green pods and inside cotton-like candy pulp. It is so delicious. So your photograph taste sweet to me ^w^

    • Thank you for your kind words, Francis. So the pacay is the peruvian answer to the german pussy willow 😉 – but you can’t eat anything of the pussy willow ….
      Have a nice evening, Francis

  8. Heel mooi met deze achtergrond Ulli,

  9. Wonderful shot! Spring is coming at last. 😉

  10. vever02

    Elle est sublime ta photo Ulli
    Superbes chatons de saules…
    Belle soirée à toi

  11. Wonderful .. Isn’t nature beautiful

  12. LaVagabonde

    When these arrive every year, it’s a reason to smile. Happy Spring, Ulli! 🌷

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