Amsel ♥ ♥ ♥ Blackbird


Könnte mal jemand nachfüllen? Could someone refill?


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36 Antworten zu “Amsel ♥ ♥ ♥ Blackbird

  1. Hahahaha….tja dat ziet er inderdaad een beetje armoedig uit hoor. Een mooie foto, met een leuke titel.

  2. Wonderful, so lovely… 🙂

  3. Hi Ulli!! This sooo cute and well captioned too!! 😁

  4. haha Beautiful shot, and she looks so happy! Despite the lack of food in her bowl! 🙂

  5. Amy

    Lovely capture! So glad you are back, Ulii! 🙂

  6. vever02

    Elle est belle cette merlette.
    J’adore ta photo.
    Je suis heureux de ton retour
    Belle soirée à toi Ulli

  7. Great shot with a wonderful text. 🙂

  8. Could someone refill now please?

  9. LOL .. she’s very hungry! 😀

  10. it`s like Oliver Twist – please sir, I want some more. 🙂
    i never knew that an Amsel is a blackbird. i remember a song from my childhood – Alle Voegel sind schon da, alle Voegel alle. Amsel, Drossel, Fink und Starr und die ganze Vogelschar… etc. I just might have to google all those words now 😀
    thank you for sharing this click.

    • Yes Kris, you’re right. But you may leave the „please“ 😉 They want – at once and right now 🙂
      You know one of the most popular children’s songs 🙂
      And yes, the Amsel is the blackbird. My photo shows a female blackbird. They are brown, but the male „Amsel“ is black.
      Have a great evening, Kris,

  11. This is a great capture ~ perfect timing 🙂

  12. LaVagabonde

    That’s a FAT little birdie! I bet he’s always chirping for food.

  13. What a lovely close up capture!

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