23. Dezember ♥♥♥ 23rd December ♥♥♥ 23ième Décembre

Karussell - Carousel

Karussell – Carousel


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16 Antworten zu “23. Dezember ♥♥♥ 23rd December ♥♥♥ 23ième Décembre

  1. Hi Ulli! This is the most beautiful carousel. Most Christmassy!! Please stay vigilant and safe as the terroists are causing mayhem. Heightened terroist threats worldwide. Stay safe and have a peaceful and safe Christmas!

    • Dear GH, thank you for your kind words. Nothing is safe in these days, but we can’t stay at home and be angry. We live in an open society and we have to defend our human worths and our democracy. I agree, we must be vigilant and careful. I’ll remember your words.
      Take care, too, GH. I wish you a wonderful and Happy Christmas. I hope, you’ll have a Year 2017 that makes some of your dreams come true and I hope it will be more livable than the last years with EL. I know, you have to wait until the end of Januar, but it’s soon 🙂
      Have a great time,

  2. Bellissima, dona allegria.
    Serene Festività Ulli.
    Ciao, Pat

  3. Oh Magical! I’ve always loved Carousels and would still ride on one now if I ever found one. 🙂

  4. Carousels are so great! Lovely image!!

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