Ich lebe in Deutschland. Ich liebe die See, besonders die Nordsee und den Atlantik. Deshalb befassen sich die meisten meiner Beiträge mit und um Wasser.
Zum Glück gibt es das Hobby Fotografie. Deshalb gibt es auch Nichtwasser-Themen.

NasseFüsseI live in Germany. I love the Sea, especially the North Sea and the Atlantic. That’s why I write a lot about the subject water.
Good luck: there is the hobby photography. So there are nonwater-themes.


31 Antworten zu “Über

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I live in The Hague; next to the North Sea. (But I prefer the wild, cristal-clear water of the creeks in the Pyrinees of North Spain). I like your photo’s; they are honest! See you!

    • Thank you for your friendly comment and the decision to follow my blog.
      „See you!“ – Perhaps in the breadth of the North Sea 😉

  2. I’m so glad you stopped to visit my blog today, so that I could find your wonderful photography.

  3. I have been to Germany several times. Beautful country. Look forward to seeing more of your blog.

  4. vielen Dank für den Besuch bei pix & kardz. and then the rest is in English – appreciate all your visits, and thank you for following! you have some beautiful photos here.

  5. I love your photos and your explanations are in German and English. I do not know German but so I can learn something. Wunderbar. Alles gute!

  6. Vielen dank Ulli für ihre schön bilder, und friendlich herz.

  7. Ulli, thanks for the „likes & following“…glad to do the same.
    Love your blog…keep up the good work! ~ Dave

  8. Nil

    Schönen Dank für dein ‚follow‘ 🙂
    Werde mich mal umsehen was es hier noch Schönes gibt…

  9. We love “ Deutschland“! We have been there many times and in our minds stay always our many road trip around Germany. When I worked I was in an IT-Project which meant that I visited in Aachen frequently.

    Once we spent five day by the „Bodensee“ for example. I have some photos from Germany in my:

    About me.


    • Welcome to my blog Sartenada 🙂
      Glad to see, that you’ve been in Germany many times. Aachen is a beautiful town. I like the atmosphere of an imperial and student city. Aachen is marked by Charlemagne and the young students from all over the world. The university is one of the best in Germany.
      I like Scandinavia very much. We visited the Aaland Islands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark …I like the midsummer night over there 🙂
      Hauskaa viikonloppua,

      Schweden – Finnland

  10. Ady

    Hi Ulli 🙂 Glad to have found your blog, some amazing pics and I love water themed pics … Thanks for the bilingual words 🙂 Most probably I will be in Germany(Hamburg) by the end of this year for studies, these lovely pics are sure making me excited about your land 😀

    • Hi Ady, welcome!
      I’m glad you’ve found my blog 🙂
      To study in Hamburg is great. I think Hamburg is one of the most beautiful towns of Germany.
      Have a nice day,

  11. It looks like more than a hobby, they very good!

  12. Thanks for all your likes and even comments on my blog. I want to link to you but I only have your first name, and I always link to people by their full name.

    Take care! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, Terje.
      I like to visit your blog very much. Your photos are very exciting and expressive – wonderful.
      I wish you good light 🙂

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